Produktionszeitraum: 2010



„The four warriors are back. They chased the warriors of the apocalypse through the worlds for 111 years and finally won the battle. They return with the horses of the fallen knights….but there are no humans left on Earth, only one woman who still lives in a place without nature. She has forgotten the reason for her waiting and has no awareness of time and space (the text is projected onto the wall of the theatre, not without a certain irony….. before the dancers enter the stage).

The situation of the piece could resemble the prologue or epilogue of a mythical epic with a matriarchal character, or the description of a play by Samuel Beckett (Endgame), whose theme coincides with current events.

It is an uncompromising play about the loss of the senses and memory, a committed play that speaks of the alienation between people and the world.

The alienation of people from their environment, which manifests itself in a loss of identity and memory.

Although the theme is pessimistic, the images are poetic and animated with a certain humour that is characterised by the absurd. The French choreographer Nathalie LARQUET, together with her dancers, has contributed to a powerful artistic language. The aim of the piece is to give the courage….. to live in the here and now without fear. In the world of horses, the beauty lies in taking away the horse’s fear in order to gain its trust,….. Since time immemorial, in ancient civilisations, the horse has been a psychopomp …. that guides souls.

Förderer & Unterstützer

Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen und der Stadt Köln